REAL is an Acronym that stands for Real Estate Agency Leaders. The Collective means that everyone you come into contact with as you progress through buying or selling will be a leader in their field. Agency in Real Estate is defined by 6 governing principles: Loyalty, Confidentiality, Accounting, Full Disclosure, Obedience, Reasonable Care and Skill.

Our internal principle amongst the Collective is to “Let Love Lead” this means that we further govern ourselves with Honesty, Open-Mindedness and Compassion. With diverse skill sets our agents are able to serve a wide array of clients from: first time buyers, first time sellers, transferees, estate sales, investors, rural properties, vacation properties, and luxury properties we have the knowledge and experience to deliver optimal results. 

We believe that the Real Estate experience in Ottawa has the potential for improvement, and that it should be transparent, exciting and fun for you. We endeavour to deliver a white glove service that will exceed your expectations and continue to give back to the community.