Welcome to the second week of March, friends! As many of you already know, the real estate market tends to be busiest from March until July. Last year, however, the pandemic threw a wrench into many of our plans, and the market has been hot and wild ever since!

If you’re thinking of selling this spring season (or if you know someone who might be selling), then read on to find out why the STYFiRE team stands out above the rest.

1.  Here’s the deal – yes, sellers are responsible for paying both agents, but you will make that money back, so don’t even worry about it. How will you make that money back, you ask?

2.  Well, we will get you more than asking! Yes, most properties are selling for over asking, but how much over asking? Does the closing date work with your schedule? Did you get the most for your property? The average list to sell price for the roughly18,000 homes that sold in 2020 was 100%, which means a house listed for $500k sold for $500k with an average agent. However, our techniques and skills had our average list to sell ratio at 108%, meaning that if you’d listed with our team at $500k – you’d sell for $540k – more than paying for all our services (and that’s just on average!). We will ensure that you walk away with the most money in your pocket, and our track record proves it!

3.  To begin, we will determine the market value range, and from there decide which strategy you’ve like to employ in the sale of your home. Would you like to price it above market value, at market value, or below? Price is likely the most important marketing decision you will make with your property.

4.  We hire one of the premier professional stagers in the city, and we pay for a consultation. Buyers often choose homes because of an emotional connection. Making your home as beautiful and appealing as possible will ensure you get the most attention on your home.

5.   We take professional photographs, professional videos (if you haven’t seen our videos yet, then what are you waiting for?), 3D tours, and even drone footage. We also have an in-house marketing professional that will guarantee that your home shows beautifully and will be promoted across the web and on all social media platforms.

6.  We will hold an offer presentation date and work to get you the most money possible. Most agents simply wait for the offers to come in and suggest that the client take the highest one. We do what we can to drum up the most offers, and then we work hard for the entire process for our clients.

Selling is an emotional process. Oftentimes you’ve lived here a long time and have a strong connection to the space. We pride ourselves in allowing our clients the space to have whatever emotional experience they need throughout the space, and to not be judgemental about it, but rather to anticipate those feelings and offer a compassionate service that takes this into account. We make ourselves available immediately, respond to messages quickly, and communicate often.

Just for fun, want to test our knowledge of the market. We pride ourselves on our uncanny ability to predict the exact sale price of a home. Reach out and ask us! We love to play.

These steps really just begin to scratch the surface. Want to learn more about how we can help you come out on top during this hot real estate market, then give us a call today.